To my brothers

Aug 8, 2013

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Yesterday, I wrote this to my brothers, aged 11 and 16. I hope they look back and thank me someday. — To P and B: I don’t want either of you to ever tell me that I never told you this. Learn to code. It takes a lot of perseverance to get over the hump to figure out how to get started, but you will never regret learning to build web apps, computer programs, etc. You will have endless amounts of flexibility if you know how to code. Don’t like your job? Quit and find a freelance coding project and work from home. I started coding when I was 10 but my biggest professional regret is not having focused on the skill more throughout high school and college. Sports were fun, music was very rewarding, an engineering degree gave me a piece of paper that companies like *** respect, but if you can code you can go and do whatever you want. Also buy a 3D printer.


John David

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