Bulk Download of Full-Size Flickr Photos

Mar 12, 2014

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Sitting here in NYC at General Assembly HQ, trying to gather all the info and best practices I can. I’m really happy to be working with GA to launch educational programs in DC that I really believe are going to help so many people chart a new path towards doing work they love.

So I’ve been shadowing classes here in NYC and the vibe is making me want to code again. I went on Flickr this weekend to try to shut down my account. Expecting them to embrace open data (like Facebook and many other “reputable” tech companies), I searched in vain for a bulk download function. I took this as an exercise to write myself a Ruby script using Nokogiri to go and download all the full-size images in my account. I’m sure this has been done by a million people before, but maybe this will help someone else who is looking to do the same thing. This works on the current site as of March 12, 2014…

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