A startup haiku.

Google Drive's a mess
Leads are tracked in ten places
Where is that data?

I help startups build automated processes to keep up with their growth.

After working for numerous startups and Fortune 100 companies, I've seen fast growth put strain on even the most well-defined processes. Once things get going, we don't have time to think about efficiency, so we just hire more people. But the answer, in many cases, is not a bigger team – it's to help your team think creatively about automating and constantly improving your workflow.

Whether you want someone to partner with you on a custom-built Google Apps plugin, you need help with your email automation strategy, or you're looking for a workshop on how to automate your customer feedback workflow, I can work with you to find creative ways to hack your operations with code.

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Process Improvement
Your processes have changed as you've grown, and it's time to get some fresh perspective. Let's workshop your operations together and start identifying ways to save you time and money.
Workflow Automation
Your teams handle the same tedious manual workflows day after day. Use code to build automation into your existing tools, increasing your productivity by leaps and bounds.
Our best work happens when your team collaborates with us. We'll deliver custom workshops to help you kickstart your own cycle of improvement and experimentation.

JD Maresco, Director

I am a developer, entrepreneur, and product manager. I managed GA’s Web Development Immersive, the largest full-time web development bootcamp in the world. While at GA, I supported the launch of 5 new campuses and re-engineered much of the operational workflow for a multi-disciplinary team scattered across 16 campuses. As a former consultant with Deloitte, I spent several years working with Fortune 100 companies on process improvement and business strategy.