What I’m up to /now

Last updated January 6, 2023 from CitizenM Hotel in Washington, DC

This is a /now page, inspired by Derek Sivers


  • Life is full (crazy) with 2 kids
  • Moving out of DC in a few weeks, heading a few miles NW for Bethesda, MD — will still be in the DC area for a couple more years at least
  • Trying to sell our DC condo ASAP
  • Winding down Batch and beginning to work on a few early-stage projects in consulting/advisory capacity. I have space for 1 more project

Products I’ve Been Loving

Thinking About

  • Education — developing some frameworks that I plan to write about soon. Anyone who knows me well knows that I think our education system is broken beyond repair and needs to be disrupted and replaced
  • Social media — I think “the feed” has been the most powerful development in social media, and also the most destructive. I think the future of society depends on us figuring out new constructs that encourage rational thought and curiosity, instead of being “fed” information determined by an algorithm, or worse, a nation state