What I'm Up To Now

Last updated September 2, 2020


  • Welcomed kid #2 in July. Finally getting a bit more sleep after 6 weeks.
  • I printed out a bunch of pictures and hung them around the house. Getting digital memories onto the wall makes a house feel so much more homey.
  • Been archiving all of our old family video tapes. Still working through them. The exercise took me on a trip.
  • I’m hanging out with a bunch of others starting companies and participating in the On Deck Fellowship for the next few weeks.

Products I’ve Been Loving


  • I’ve been writing a bit.
  • Exploring a new product with the goal of helping small and local businesses survive and thrive in a post-COVID economy.


  • Have largely stopped drinking more than 1 cup of coffee per day; my body feels a lot better
  • Allergies hit me hard after I stopped taking meds and I realized I have to take them year round
  • Still being really careful with COVID but letting my kid play with others at the park and seeing immediate family more often. He was starving for human contact and decided the mental benefits of playing with another kid outweigh the risk

Thinking About

  • iOS14. I think App Clips are the biggest platform opportunity since the App Store.
  • Cognitive development – My 2 yo is putting together more complicated sentences every day
  • The future of education

This /now page was inspired by Derek Sivers via Zvi Band