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Work with me

Work with me

I support startups in a fractional "Founding PM/Head of Product" role, helping Founder CEOs and CTOs capture their vision, ship compelling products, and build execution discipline.

My ideal client

  • An exceptional founding team building a new consumer product
  • Product Stage: Product still in the process of being defined and designed
  • Company Stage: Pre-seed to Series A
  • Verticals: Social Media, Music/Entertainment, Consumer Education, Mobile E-Commerce, Consumer Security
  • Team: Several engineers are ready to build (or already working) on the product, but the founders need help to accelerate their vision and accelerate their product execution

Why work with me

  • Speed: I have the experience to execute quickly on the things that matter most to the CEO/founding team’s vision. I help your existing team focus
  • Network: I can help you identify and bring in other resources to accelerate your efforts. If you need design support, I will tap my shortlist of top 10% engineers and designers
  • Experience: I have built numerous “first of their kind” multi-platform consumer products
    • As a cofounder at Citizen, I handled most product execution for our iOS and Android apps for the early years. I also built our central ops team and early marketing function. Native app development, streaming video, high-volume push notifications, hardware design.
    • As the founder and CEO of Batch, I built a world-class team and shipped one of the first products taking advantage of App Clips, signing >100 brands up to our platform. App Clips, self-service content management, e-commerce integrations, QR codes, NFC.
    • Prior to my founder journey, I was the PM for General Assembly’s largest software education program, where I increased NPS by 40% in less than a year, even while expanding globally.
  • Partnership: As a 2x startup founder, I often also partner with CEOs/CTOs on other dimensions of company-building like fundraising, hiring, company strategy and operations design.
  • Momentum: Hiring me PT is more cost-effective and lower-risk than hiring a FT PM early in the business. But when you eventually hire your first PM/Head of Product, you will have a framework/model for collaboration that’s been battle-tested for up to 12 months
  • For context, here are some principles around how I think about high-performing product teams as they grow

Engagement duration

  • I generally work with companies for a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 1 year
  • I prefer to end an engagement with an MVP in market
  • I step out after I help you ID and hire a FT replacement for myself

The details

  • I generally take on a maximum of 2-3 of these kinds of engagements at a time
  • I prefer to kick off a project with 1-2 days of in-person ideation
  • I then block off 2-4 hours per week for video meetings / live collaboration.
  • Otherwise, I work part-time, remotely and charge a flat monthly retainer

Currently targeting February 15, 2022 to kick off one new engagement

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